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Veterinary Care for Birds In Brentwood

If you own a bird, you wilCare for birds at Fairview Animal Hospital in Brentwoodl undoubtedly want your bird to be seen and taken care of by a bird veterinarian you know you can trust when your pet needs medical attention. At Fairview Animal Hospital, you will find a skilled avian veterinarian who will take care of your pet’s health needs. Regular examinations as well as emergency care is offered at this facility. At this animal hospital, you can feel confident that your bird is receiving veterinary care from a team of professionals that offer your pet compassion and state-of-the-art service.

Oral Healthcare

Bacteria in your bird’s mouth can put your pet’s oral health at risk. This is why you should have your bird’s mouth routinely examined. Our brentwood bird veterinarian will give your pet bird the dental care it needs to stay healthy.


When you bring your pet bird to Fairview Animal Hospital, a bird veterinarian will give your bird the vaccines it needs to stay healthy. The veterinarian will talk to you first to find out more about your bird so that the proper vaccinations can be recommended. After your talk with our avian veterinarian, the veterinarian will be able to tell you which vaccinations are best.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging at Fairview Animal Hospital helps us see what’s going on inside your pet’s body. The equipment we use helps with the diagnosing process. A fast and accurate diagnosis is important for your bird’s well-being and speedy recovery.

Surgical Procedures

Surgery is performed at Fairview Animal Hospital. Should your bird develop a growth you want checked out, we are here to help. We will examine your pet to find out if the growth is malignant or benign, and we will treat your pet accordingly. Rest assured, surgery will be performed only if necessary.

Let a brentwood bird veterinarian At Fairview Animal Hospital care for your pet. At Fairview, your pet will be quickly diagnosed because we have a laboratory on the premises. We also have a pharmacy here. With everything our veterinarians need at their fingertips, you can be sure your pet will get fast high-quality care.

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