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Canine Care at Fairview Animal Hospital in Brentwood

At Fairview Animal Hospital, in Brentwood California, we are here to make sure your veterinarian experience goes well, taking into account the care and love you give to your furry buddy. We make sure that you’re equipped with the instructions and all the necessary requirements which include a schedule that your little furry buddy would definitely be required to keep.

When your canine cohort is going to be discharged from our loving care at Fairview Animal hospital, you will be given detailed instructions on caring for them, because dogs need love at home too. Your dog will always respond to you and other family members the best.

The extremely friendly and compassionate staff at Fairview Animal Hospital is proud to provide your dog with numerous services in addition to the following:

Pet Wellness Exams

Baby animals and geriatric pets or animals with special health needs should have more frequent checkups. We perform lab tests, external inspections, vital sign measurements, and other evaluations to keep a close eye on your pet’s state of wellness.


We regularly administer several rounds of vaccinations early in life, followed by booster shots at regularly-scheduled intervals to keep your dog’s immunity intact and active enough to keep them around you and happy for as long as possible.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering provides protection for your pup’s health by reducing the risks of cancer in your pup and mating-related misbehaviors that could put your pup in harm’s way. We recommend sexual sterilization at 3 to 5 months of age, so they do not feel the impact of it for the duration of their lives.


Microchipping inserts a tiny IF chip that sends a unique ID number to RF scanners if your lost dog is recovered.

Nutritional and Behavioral Counseling

Overweight dogs are prone to obesity which in turn raises the risks for several serious diseases. We can provide the necessary counseling to help you help your furry friend.

Geriatric Pet Health

As your furry not so little friend gets older with you, they need special care that we provide including more frequent routine check-ups as well as dietary changes.

Making Time for fun

Providing your canine with some mental stimulation can go a long way toward reducing boredom and anxiety, and can help to keep them from becoming worried or depressed. Be sure to always supervise your dog when it is playing with toys or chews to ensure that parts are not torn off and swallowed. Talk to our esteemed Brentwood veterinarians about the use of food puzzles-situation compatibility.

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