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Small Mammal Care with Our Veterinarian in Brentwood

Small mammals are excellent pets and require about the same amount of veterinary care as cats and dogs. Are you looking for a pocket pets veterinarian? Fairview Animal Hospital offers care for:

Care for small mammals at Fairview Animal Hospital in BrentwoodChinchillas

  • Ferrets
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Miniature Pigs
  • Sugar Gliders

Although these adorable little mammals are tiny, they can suffer from the same types of problems as more traditional pets. Fairview Animal Hospital is not only a guinea pig vet, but we’re the pocket pets veterinarian for Brentwood, CA and the surrounding area.

Tips on Helping Your Pet Stay Healthy

First, make sure that their cage is large enough and has a solid floor. Tiny feet can become sore and/or injured on wire floors. These pets need enough space to get exercise. Make sure to place their enclosure where it is well-ventilated. Avoid placing in a sunny window where they could get overheated.

Make sure that your small mammals are safely separated from any dogs or cats that you own. Dog breeds, like terriers who have strong hunting instincts, could harm small mammals if they mistake them for prey. Cats retain their hunting skills for mice and might mistake a gerbil or hamster for a mouse.

It’s wise to delay getting a small mammal as a pet until your young children are old enough to safely handle small pets.

Small Mammal Services

Small animals are fast on their feet and might become lost. Have your pet microchipped so that he or she can be returned home.

If your small mammal is injured, Fairview Animal Hospital has a fully equipped surgical suite if your pet needs surgery.

Dental care
Even the smallest pet needs dental care. Tartar and gingivitis cause bad breath in small mammals too. Fairview Animal Hospital offers annual or bi-annual teeth cleanings for your pocket pet.

Some small mammals should be vaccinated annually. Fairview Animal Hospital will advise you of any immunizations required.

X-rays. A small animal might break a leg in a fall. We can X-ray and set small bones.

Health Concerns for Small Mammals

Cats are the only small mammal prone to hairballs. Any hairy small mammal that grooms themselves may develop hairballs. If your rodent pet hasn’t been pooping as regularly and develops a cough, they might have hairballs.

Small mammals are prone to respiratory problems and may develop a runny nose, wheezing or strange sounds when breathing. They could have picked up a virus before you acquired them or they might be allergic to their bedding.

Don’t allow your small mammal to become obese. They might develop fatty tumors.

Vitamin C Deficiency
Fairview Animal Hospital’s guinea pig vet reminds you that guinea pigs are prone to vitamin C deficiencies. Be sure to include leafy greens, red and green bell peppers and yellow and zucchini squash in your guinea pig’s diet.

Take care of your new furry friend by getting him or her a wellness exam and appropriate vaccinations at Fairview Animal Hospital.

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